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Join US
at 9:30am

Point Community Church

is truly committed to being in the community, for the community and from the community. If you’re interested in a finding a church that will teach and practice the love of God, then we hope you’ll come check us out. We’re a committed group of people with a big vision to transform our community.


Live in person at 9:30am at Rutgers Prep, Somerset. 

Streaming online as well on the PCC Somerset Facebook Page.

Starting this Sunday 

"Life on Purpose".  Too many people for the first time ever have learned what it means to languish over these last 2 years.  We begin to live our lives in a passive, reactive way that doesn't inspire or energize us.  Join us for a 6 week series on the prophet Jeremiah where we will see how God has a clear calling for each one of us.  When we tap into this, we live with a new sense of purpose and mission.


623 Georges Road C-1

North Brunswick NJ 08902

732 - 470 - 0059